Troll/cosplay teeth with braces tutorial

Braces can seem to be an obstacle when you’re wanting to include teeth in your troll cosplay (or buckteeth for one of the kids) but taking from a few tutorials already floating around I found a method that seems to work pretty well, and carried me through several days of congoing. :0

(First off, if you want to see the end result before reading, scroll to the bottom!)

Step 1: Materials

This is a fake nail method. Thus you will be needing fake nails.

These are Kiss brand nails. They come in a pack of 100 and I found them for somewhere between $5-$8 at Wal-Mart.

You are also going to need brace relief wax.

Specifically, you are going to need the opaque HARD wax, as opposed to the soft wax. Everyone’s orthodontists are different, but I’d hope yours would provide you with this stuff, unless he is a sadist who enjoys dishing out expensive torture while knowingly withholding sweet respite from the pain.
Anyways, ask for some next ortho appointment. Rave about all the pointy wires in your mouth, and how you will never forgive him for what he has done to you, unless he forks up the hard wax.

Apparently you can also buy this stuff but I’m really not sure where.

Finally you are going to need (good sharp) scissors and a nail file. A metal file seems to work well.

Step 2: Shape your teeth

The nails come in different sizes, the smallest being the most rounded and the largest the most flat. It’s up to you which ones to use—I think the flatter ones look better. 

Cut the tooth shape you want with the scissors, holding it up to your own tooth frequently to check the size. File it to smooth out the rough edges. I recommend doing the front four teeth even if you just want Vriska or Kanaya fangs. If you have teeth further back that are really visible you could make more.

If you are doing your two front teeth, whether to go with troll fangs or for a kid’s buck teeth, cut them as rectangular as possible! They end up looking weird if they are too round, so cut them at 90 degree angles and file them to taste.


The wax comes in rounded strips a little longer than my four front teeth, so break off however much you need (a little extra is good) and lay it on a surface. Take the teeth you made and arrange them on the strip, gently pushing them in just enough to hold them there.

The reason you want to keep the wax in a strip instead of breaking off little balls to go on each tooth is that it’s much more sturdy.

Step 4:  look like a massive tool

Unfortunatelythis is the most important step. If you don’t get this right your teeth will not stay for more than a minute, much less a whole day.

You’re going to need to completely dry your teeth and gums. Curl your lip up into a dumb looking expression and dry your teeth with a tissue or something. Stay like this for a minute.

See? Massive tool.

Then grab your new teeth and push the waxy part onto your brackets, starting high on your teeth and pushing downwards and in. Adjust/straighten in a mirror and make sure they’re secure and all before letting your lip down.

And that is basically it. :O You may have excess wax sticking out so grab your nail file, tweezers, or some other tool and carefully hide or remove that wax. I’ll finish up with some protips:

  • the wax is pretty much single use. It is likely to start sliding off if when you’ve had it on for a few hours, so you should bring some extra along if you’re wearing your teeth all day, as you may have to change it.
  • obviously take them out if you’re eating a meal. However, I managed to eat goldfish and drink an entire iced capp with them on so as long as you’re careful?
  • You should be able to drink—bring a straw with you!—but avoid things with strong dyes that could stain your teeth or the wax (i.e. NO FAYGO :1)
  •  put your teeth in before doing lipstick or putting on armsocks!
  • don’t smile too big, and suck on your teeth gently to improve suction.

and wow this method is actually simple and this tutorial should not be this long. Here are some photos of my teeth IN ACTION.

If you’re REALLY iffy about being a Strider or Lalonde with braces (even though it can be really cute ;w;) you can fashion some normal-looking teeth just to hide your braces. Be careful, though, since this does have the potential to look kinda dumb/fake and isn’t totally necessary. Just use your judgment! 

And that’s it. Happy cosplaying!


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