Co-worker’s Sister is Missing



Hey there everyone. Just this morning I got news from someone I work with that her sister, Catherine Currie, is missing.

She was last seen Friday, August 14th in Toronto, Ontario, riding a black hybrid bike with a green milk crate on the back. Catherine (Kit) Currie is 50 years old, with auburn hair and brown eyes, and is about 5’5” and 155lbs.


If you have any information at all, please, please contact the Toronto police at 416-808-1400 or her friends and family at

Getting this message around to as many people as possible would also be a big help. Please guys, let’s try and fit Kit Currie and get her back safely to her family.

I had Kit as a life model for years and I’m very sorry to hear she’s missing :( she’s a lovely person and I really hope she is found soon!!

Toronto/GTA followers please signal boost if you can!

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got me shirts for zacharie and karkat today 8))) swaggy


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SRAH!!!!!!!!!!!! U3U U3U I think once upon a time you were tellin me about a cowboy AU that you and amanda were coming up with so here have some DISGRUNTLED COWBOY DAVE

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So last night I was pretty high and thought lol ima draw a happy lil face in this banana cus why the fuck notimage


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holy shit there is a name for it

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this post keeps getting notes and i mean I appreciate the attention it’s getting and that a lot of people liked it and stuff but every time I see it I just cant unsee the way this whole scenario is taking place in a twisted Picassoesque nether dimension. check out these fuckin grids





That’s terrifying

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i wanted to keep a little pause from drawing homestuck… but damn, she’s too cute??!1 

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I’ve received so many questions about how I made this arm.  I got the idea from this lovely robo arm and as it turned out, she also used the same base pattern that I had planned to (Edward Elric’s automail arm).

Basically what I did was take the pattern and heavily alter the arm pieces while keeping the hand mostly the same.  I used mostly craft foam combined with leftover styrene I had from a different prop project, and three different size brads (from the scrap-booking section of Michaels). I glued everything together with high temp hot glue, but I sealed the finger pieces with e6000 at the seams to ensure that they wouldn’t pop open in hot weather.  Once I had all my parts glued together, I coated them in about seven layers of Mod Podge cut by half with water.  Once this was done, I coated all pieces in Plasti-Dip spray (it’s a rubber coating that you can get at Home Depot near where the spray paint is).  Since I wanted the arm to ultimately look used and abused, I made sure my spray wasn’t perfectly even - just don’t overspray or you’ll lose some of your detail.  When this was dry, I added the brads and painted over them with black acrylic paint.  

I covered each piece first with silver Rub n Buff - again, acquired at Michael’s.  Then I did washes and dry brush layers of black, brown, and orange with some additional green Rub n Buff antiquing wax.  I started with the idea of making the rust look natural but got lazy halfway through.  

The forearm closes with velcro, hot glued in place.  The upper arm doesn’t open, it just slides on and stays.  I accidentally made the arm smaller than I’d wanted to so it’s a tight enough fit that the pieces don’t slide around.  The wiring between the joints is held in with duct tape, and only attached at one end, so it moves in and out as I flex my arm and wrist.  The hand piece slides on.  I wore a full-arm length glove under the arm to improve the aesthetic and for comfort.  

I hope I covered everything.  Let me know if there are any questions and good luck!

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amirablack said: Caliborn in #17



Fuck this pile of evil and elbows, i can’t wait till this dude, dies in canon

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